Sunday, August 15, 2010


Holy mackeral! Has it REALLY been a year and a half since I posted something to this blog? I suppose with all the social networking media (Facebook) I have neglected to keep up my blog. I aspire to write daily but with three children 3 and under that's a bit of a challenge! Hopefully I'll do a better job but at least this is a starting point! More later...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Warner has a tooth!

Warner got his first tooth (bottom middle) about two weeks ago . It was just barely poking through and now it's a pearly white! I think number two is on it's way right beside it because he's been a bit fussy which is strange because this baby never cries. Plus he's been chewing on his hand like crazy! He beat Jordan by 4 months on the first two. We'll see how much longer I nurse since he's bitten me twice. Ouch! But he's worth it. :-)

Christmas Cookies!

One of my favorite childhood memories is making cookies with my mom. She'd let me add the ingredients to the mixer. (Once I got so close as to get my hair stuck and sucked into the beater which was very bent when we finally untangled my hair.) Then we'd roll out the dough and cut all kinds of shapes. I loved tasting the dough and just spending that special time with my mom. Me, standing in a chair, her making it fun for me to learn and be with her.
I tried to make cookies with Jordan about 7 months ago but she wasn't very into it. Well this time is was totally different. (Must have been all the practice with playdough!) She loved it. She did all the ooooing and aaaahing as we dumped all the cookie cutters out (the same ones I used with my Mom) and she picked out an angel. We proceeded to make the dough, roll it out, cut them and her specialty was adding the sprinkles! Little multi-colored sugar balls and yellow sugar. It was a precious memory relived for me.

Doctor visits!

Well the kiddies did terrific at their checkups. Bill and I loaded them up on a cold rainy Monday and I thought it would be great to have their appointments together. Warner needed his 6mos and Jordan needed her 2 year checkup. They were super champs. Jordan and I had read Corduroy Goes to the Doctor many times and for her birthday she got a "doctor bag" with the stethoscope, thermometer, needle, etc. We practiced on each other and when the time came for her shots she was really brave and let them stick her once in each thigh. However, she continued to say "I don't like it! I don't like it!" while crying for at least 5 minutes after. Warner did a little better only crying for a few minutes after getting three sticks in his thighs. Daddy comforted him well and was a life saver to go with us. I think if I fly solo I'll have to do their visits separately because they try to do everything at once with both of them and chaos reigns! Here are the stats:
Warner - 6mos
28.5" (96%)
19lbs 12oz (84%) Big boy.
HC 43.2cm (34%) Pea head.
Jordan - 2yrs
35.5" (92%)
25lbs 14oz (41%)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jordan's 2nd Birthday!

What a terrific time we had celebrating our little girl's 2nd birthday. She loves going to the Nashville Zoo so animals were the theme. I made the cake with Daddy's input, we decorated while she napped and then it was party time! Our guests, (Johhny T, Brandi, Skylar, Amy, Devoni, Claire, Chris & Maya) arrived and enjoyed sausage and cheeseballs, hummus, pigs in a blanket and veggies and dip while we all waited on the birthday to wake up! She finally did and enjoyed all the festivities. What a wonderful celebration! I can't believe she's 2.

Dickens of a Christmas Festival, Franklin, TN

Saturday we headed to our favorite little town, Franklin. They host many festivals throughout the year. They close off most of the downtown streets and fill them with artisans selling their wares and food vendors pushing the most delicious smelling street fare. We usually attended the spring festival in April but this year we learned they had a Christmas festival so we loaded up and arrived about 10:30am. Jordan had a quick snack of yogurt while our friends, Chris and Maya, joined us. Then we headed to the pony rides! So great b/c Jordan had been asking to ride a horse when she would see one. (This occurs often as our neighborhood is surrounded by horse farms!) Daddy put her up on the only female horse named Honey. And Jordan squealed in delight and whoa-ed with enthusiasm. The video says it all. After that she fed the bunnies and goats, we perused the craft booths, listened to carolers in period costumes, got a candy cane from Santa, ate at Mellow Mushroom and headed home waaaaaay past nap time. They were both asleep in the car within 5 minutes. Mom & Dad, it ain't Shatley but are you jealous! :-)

Flashback: Jordan's first cereal.

Thought I'd show you Jordan's first bite!

Warner's first cereal.

With Jordan we waited until she was 5.5 mos old before starting her on solids. She showed all the signs (sitting up on her own, reaching for food, opening mouth wide, etc.) While Warner isn't quite sitting up on his own, he trembles with excitment while in your lap watching you eat. He reaches (we call him "Grabby") for everything and has his mouth wide open! So Saturday we started him on some organic brown rice and he got a good bit of it down. Today (Sunday) we gave him about a 30 minute break after nursing and he chowed about 2 tablespoons down. He's already off to great eating!

Playdate Finally!

So we started a playgroup over the summer that met maybe 3 times before I started working in mid-August. Well we finally managed to get together last week thanks to Mandy (mom to Riley and Luke) who hosted. Jordan, Warner and I, Katie and her son Clay as well as Crystal and one of her daughters, Kaitlyn, all managed to brave the rainy day and a good time was had by all!
First pic is Clay and Warner, Jordan and Me, Kaitlyn and Mandy and Luke.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pooping Place?

So Jordan usually slinks off to a corner somewhere when she needs her "privacy" but this "new" place was really funny so I had to take a picture! They are a little blurry but she was so proud saying "I do the poo poo under the couch!"